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This Zelda Series Is Going To Be Made! (The Mask Salesman)

2009-05-10 20:05:17 by burrito15

As far as the story, it is not gonna be about any of the games, but it is gonna my own story taking place after Twilight Princess. And as for the character below, it is The Mask Salesman. I will tell you one thing, he does play a neutral character of this series.

Before starting my storyline, I will create a prologue of this series, which will make a full understanding of the timeline between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess (Excluding the Oracle of Seasons/Ages and Four Swords series.). It will include a little part from Spirit Tracks.

One more thing, Im gonna give my special thanks to Starmaster5, we have been having a few problems with each other (which Im not gonna get into.), he should know what Im talking about, but this local Newgrounder pushed me into making this series, this may even be bigger than The Ultimate Mario Quiz 2! I'll keep everyone informed about updates of my series, characters, etc. ;)

Other Characters

I am almost done with The Mask Salesman, just need to make his side features and back features.

This Zelda Series Is Going To Be Made! (The Mask Salesman)


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2009-05-10 21:37:44

SCool. I hope you make new masks that transform Link. I wanna help so pm me of you let me. ( I make music)