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The Ultimate Mario Quiz 3!

2009-11-06 21:37:48 by burrito15

I know Ive been gone for a while, some even thought I was dead, but Im still alive and proud to announce that the third and final installment to my Ultimate Mario Quiz series is now in production.

New Features:
Audio Questions

Over 100 Questions
5 Difficulties
Real Art By Real People

The Audio questions are a new feature Im planning to add, it plays a clip of music that you have to answer where it came from, its a pretty neat idea.

The checkpoints is a "fan's desire", I guess, I got a lot of comments about why it needs checkpoints, but now you have it! Checkpoints!

Yes, I am now going to give credit to the authors of music and art and whatever else. ;)

Im going to be working on this on my own time, along with maybe a few other projects, and maybe some stages for Super Mario 63.
Check out some of my stages and mini-games here! :D

If you new to my series, check out the first two:
The Ultimate Mario Quiz
The Ultimate Mario Quiz 2

The Ultimate Mario Quiz 3!


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2010-02-15 21:15:24

Did you find any good ones?


2010-02-20 02:29:37

You are dead... :3


2010-06-08 01:01:26

Dead Burrito is dead.
Man, I knew you a LONG time ago. Still remember me?