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What?! Something New?!

2009-03-18 00:55:46 by burrito15

What could this be?

What could it mean?

Whats going on?

It it finally time?

Something new?



God help us all...

What?! Something New?!

Burrito15 Is Back!!!

2008-12-16 19:41:52 by burrito15

Im never trying that stunt again! I admit I was trying to cheat the whistle system but not only for me but to help others out. Im kinda sad that I already got rid of most of my movies as burrito15 and also that my Snickerdoodles account doesnt exist anymore and the fact that A TOP ARTIST, Alvin-Earthworm actually reviewed my Ultimate Mario Quiz, but I was Snickers at the time and its like Alvin never said anything! THANKS NEWGROUNDS! WAIT! PROOF! Check out the last review!

Good thing is that this is a time to start fresh and continue as burrito15, and also I can re-submit the first Mario Quiz AGAIN, and just change the swf. file of Sonic and Mario Quiz 2. Another thing thats good as that as Snickers I was banned permanently from reviews, but as burrito15, just 30 days, at least its not forever. Well, I know what I did wrong, and Im sorry Newgrounds! <:(

One more thing, Im not restarting anything with the Portal Demons, I havent kept track or anything, Im tired and I honestly think it was a bad idea, so as of now the Portal Demons movie is now called Remember The Portal Demon, couldnt fit the "s". X)

Again, Im sorry Newgrounds for all the trouble, thank you for not banning me permanently and giving me another chance! BURRITO15 IS BACK!!!

Two of my submissions are back up!!!
The Ultimate Mario Quiz 2
Sonic & The Black Knight

Got my new logo!!! :D

Burrito15 Is Back!!!

Snickerdoodle Productions

2008-12-13 18:47:59 by burrito15

Well, Ive been thinking this through for a while, because my name "burrito15" is a little played out already, so Ive decided to ditch all my movies, name, level, Portal Demons, and keep only what I really liked, for example Sonic and the Black Knight.

Snickerdoodle Productions is a group Im starting for anyone who wants to join, unlike the Portal Demons, you just have to ask me to join, no badges no voting zero, just ask, and thats all!

You ask and I send you the logo for you to use on your flash movies and games.
This account will most likely be done today, so say goodbye to burrito15, the account will be here, but Im not going to be using it.

Snickerdoodle Productions