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2009-03-22 02:08:43 by burrito15

I havent been increasing my blams/saves anymore, Ive grown fond of having 666 blams, but I think its time for me to move on...

My goals by the end of Thursday, March 26, 2009 are:

Reach Level 17.
Get a new badge rank.
Gold whistle.

I'll always have this in memory...



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2009-03-22 23:41:38

Such a pain. I've voted constantly in the portal for close to a whole year. Keep it up man.


2009-03-23 02:26:20

Keep on stat whoring. by next year I should be a Supreme Commander rank.

and around level 27 for all those deposits I missed.

I am probably going to be a Garbage whistle for the wrest of my life though @_@


2009-03-30 22:16:53

I find it hard to have double the amount of blammed submissions than passed submissions. I have over double passed submissions than blammed submissions. I don't actually plan on getting the whistle up anymore. Rage's gift has been locked due to misleading and incorrect claims, so really, you have to hunt for them yourselves. And reviews don't get reported to a review mod until around 5 opinions of it being abusive depending on your whistle level. So really, nothing would happen for me. Nice number though...

burrito15 responds:

Rage's thread got locked?!